Kohbukan Sisu Judo & Jiu Jitsu Testimonials

I trained in Brazilian jiu jitsu at Sisu for over a year while living in Guelph. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The atmosphere at the school is very welcoming, open to different teams, games and styles. Rob Veltman is a knowledgeable, approachable and very capable instructor. My son, then four years old, also trained at Sisu and I was very impressed with Rob's way of handling kids' classes. I recommend the club highly to anyone in the area.Sean Locke (second degree BJJ black belt under Fabio Holanda)
I was shocked during my son's first class to see sensae's teaching skills, and his ability to capture his student's attention, interact with, acknowledge, and encourage each and every child. As a highschool teacher by profession, I know how difficult this can be. I also appreciate the real- life discussion on how to deal with bullying. Students were having fun, learning a sport, getting a great workout, and learning valuable life skills. Anne Marie Hodgson Constantino
I just want to thank you and tell your staff how great you guys are. My son and daughter have learned more self defense in 2 months than in 1 year of Tae kwon Doh.
My child was bullied for years in 2nd grade, but now he has self confidence that improved so well that he has not had a conflict and is not afraid anymore.Kevin
JC has been attending your class over the last five weeks, and instantly changes occurred in JC’s personality.
Within three weeks – new found confidence. Received student of the month. When he brought it home there was a note attached from his teacher saying "Very good start to his school year. Already made steps in the classroom to become a better active listener. Made a solid effort with his homework and home reading assignments"
These are all qualities you strive your students to accomplish and I really appreciate it.Michelle Butera
Thank you for all of the comments and warm wishes. You guys have been like family to me here in Canada, and you will always have me as a brother. I really wish that I could have been around longer to see your games develop. However, I know that all of you guys will do great both in life and in jiu-jitsu. Honestly, I’ve learned and benefitted more from you guys than you’ll ever know. I hope that you guys continue to help each other’s game, because like they say “iron sharpens iron.”

To Rob, thanks for being such a great coach, mentor, and friend. I’m honored to be called your student and it has been a privilege to train under you. Thank you for all of the tips and suggestions over the years. You have helped elevate my game, as well as, deepen my understanding and love of jiu-jitsu. I will do my best to carry on your teachings, especially the “Veltman” game, and make you proud.

Best wishes to all of you guys/gals at the club, and like Max said, “one day we’ll roll again.” In the meantime keep your head up and go train! Osu!...Mike Tran
When I was told about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I thought it was another Martial Art that wasn't for me. It turns out I didn't know myself well enough. The principles and technique of BJJ proved to be exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that would challenge me physically, but most importantly mentally. I'm able to learn, and now invent, strategy to help me complete a challenging goal. I can defend myself successfully against a stronger and bigger opponent. The physical workout, apart from being one of the best you can find, is just an added bonus to the main benefit of the sport, which is thorough self development. I suggest BJJ for anyone who has some questions left unanswered in their life or just wants to come out and have some fun.Drazen Lucic
I probably don't need to remind you of the benefits of martial arts. Fitness, flexibility, focus, and self-defense, to name a few. I certainly found all of these at the Kohbukan Judo Club, and something I wasn't expecting - a grappling family. Judo and Jiu Jitsu require partners for practice and my training partners are like a family. We look out for each others well being on the mats, teach each other new techniques, correct each others mistakes, and celebrate each others successes.

At any given class the grappling family can be made up of men and woman, some half my age, others 20 years older than me. On the mats, these distinctions cease to matter. What becomes most important is a shared love of grappling, and our desire to advance each others games. Our best tournament fighters win because of time spent rolling with our recreational members. Our recreational members get that next belt promotion from rolling with our tournament fighters.

Fitness level, size, and age don't matter. The family will make you a better grappler.Coby Lamarche
From the moment I first joined Kohbukan sisu jiu jitsu and attended my first class there I noticed the high level of knowledge and expertise professor Rob Veltman presented. His know how in the small details of jiu jitsu and openness to teach and tell you them so you can correct your jiu jitsu game when you ask him for advice and the welcoming and respectful spirit the team shows you. Is what convince me to join and make a commitment to the team. Professor Rob Veltman is the best teacher I have trained under and would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn brazilian jiu jitsu to try a class and see for yourself. Carlos H